Pre-Foreclosure Call Script

Hi, Is  WYNELL  available?

  • no - Oh OK, I’m looking for  WYNELL KOPCHAK 
  • I apologize, I’m calling about the property for sale at  1541 MELODY LN , am I calling the right number?
  • no - Do you happen to have a phone number for the property owner?

Hi,  WYNELL , this is  Josh Massieh  with ________. I am calling because the county records indicate the bank has started the foreclosure process. Are you looking to sell or are you planning to bring the mortgage current and stay in the home? 

Do you currently have an agent representing you? (If yes, Great, I’ll update my records. Thanks)

Great, I am calling because I know that the times are difficult and most people in your position are unaware there are opportunities and options available to them, so I want to help you before the bank tries to foreclose on the property. 

What attempts have you made to sell your home?

What are your goals in getting your home sold, what are you trying to accomplish?? 

What contact have you had with the Lender regarding the home status?

What kind of information have they given you on a short sale?

Are you familiar with how a Short Sale works and how it can benefit both you and the lender?

I have other appointments in your area both ___________ and ___________. Let’s take a look at the property, and see what we can do to work together… or not work together… either way is fine - sound good? Will both you and your wife be there?

Thank you, I am looking forward to meeting with you on __________ at __________.

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