For Sale by Owner Scripts

Letting a FSBO know you work with a variety of multiple buyers should get you into the home for a preview. While viewing the home and complementing the FSBO on various features of their home, you also want them to know you are a listing agent and able to help them.

Script #1 – By Vikki Bartholomae

“People who are shopping For Sale By Owner properties are looking for deals. They feel they’re not going to have to pay a Realtor fee, and their offer will reflect less than what you are asking. They figure you’re not going to have a brokerage fee and that they’re the one’s who should save it, not you.”

Ask These Three Qualifying Questions:

1) “If I brought you a qualified buyer, would you be willing to pay me a 3% commission?” If yes, continue on to the next question.

2) “How long are you going to try to sell your home on your own before you explore other options?” Cut their answer in half for practical purposes. So if they say 2 months, they will likely list in a month. If their answer is 6 months or less, continue on to the next question.

3) “If you don’t sell your home by that time, what other options will you consider?” Again, this is to ensure that an agent is not their relative or best friend and you don’t waste too much time and effort. If they are open to the possibility of interviewing agents in the future, place them in your lead follow-up campaign and move on to contacting the next FSBO seller!

Also consider asking questions that can create concern or raise awareness regarding the legal side of selling a home like, “Do you have a copy of the TDS forms (Truth in Disclosure) completed that I can share with my potential buyers?

When the FSBO asks what is a TDS form, happily share a sample with them and inform them of the importance of having any and all legal documents completed to protect themselves from potential challenges they may encounter in the future. Ask, “Are you familiar with all the legal forms required by the seller when selling a home?

Regardless of answer: Offer to sit down with them and have a discussion around the importance of this topic

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